Sunday, November 8, 2009

Writing a book!

I've been saying to myself for ages that I'll start writing, but haven't been able to pull together my thoughts and decide what to write about. After weeks of thinking and a couple of inspirational dreams, I've finally started putting pen to paper (or as it really is, fingers to keyboard!)

I'm not going to give any spoilers yet as I've been changing my mind too much, but I can reveal that I am writing a fiction book based a few years from now, and I'm currently researching African life and the world in which it is based is not exactly a nice one.

I'm trying to base the book on some of the possibilities that face the human race, but want to to be mainly a story about humanity, and the good and bad facets of our society.

I'll reveal more when I get more sure about the plot and characters and will try and reveal some titbits in the coming months.

It's really difficult to not base a book on my own experiences, but I don't want to be writing my life, but am hoping to really capitalise on my imagination and hope to draw more inspiration from dreams I've had and emotions which I've experienced. Hopefully this will be first of many books, I just hope I can write something that others will actually appreciate.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another fun week, but winter's drawing in

Finally beginning to feel like winter is looming here now, today was the first day that I've not seen the sun come up on the way to work in 2009. I can feel a definite drop in the temerature, enough to feel the need to put the heating on as a matter of necessity, not just to be more comfortable. On the plus side, it's fresher and when I'm walking there isn't the constant bother of flies!

Last week went well at work, I managed to enjoy quite a special night of music last Friday (Techno/Dubstep producers showcasing their own releases at the Pheonix), and had a nice relaxing time after Friday (mainly because I was aching from dancing too much!) I also got to spend some time with family, and for once my brother wasn't working over the weekend and it was cool to catch up properly.

Now a busy week ahead with loads to do at work. The first signs of Christmas are materialising now (shop displays/adverts), and this combined with the change of weather is making it seem like the closing act for 2009, which I have to say was a very special year, with so many good memories.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greenpeace storming the Houses of Parliament and the last week

As my friends know, I recently took on the role as the Greenpeace area networker for Devon, and this week has seen more happen for green campaigners than any other in 2009.

Firstly, there was the announcement that e.on had shelved plans to build a new power station at Kingsnorth in Kent (I was part of a direct action at the current station involving the Rainbow Warrior earlier this year), hopefully paving the way for a greener solution than coal in the future. Then our activists stormed Westmister and unveiled banners on the Houses of Parliament calling for politicians to 'Change the Politics, Save the Climate', on the eve of them returning to parliament after their annual break. Then there was a story in The Times that stated that BAA had bowed to pressure and would not go ahead with the third runway at Heathrow, which had been the aim of the Airplot campaign we had been working on all year.

Unfortunately, the final piece of news may not be as good as the story seems to portray, as pointed out in a recent article on the Greenpeace website. The Airplot campaign will continue, despite the recent news, as the third runway will only be stopped "if the Tories put 'no third runway' in their manifesto, and if they get into power, and if they actually fulfill their manifesto commitments". So Appleplot parties will still be happening from the looks of things, we're almost there, but it would be a tragedy if we fought so long and the runway did go ahead because we were distracted before the final hurdle.

Keep the faith and viva la revolution!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good first week back :)

Have to say, it's great to be working at Organic again, and to be round people who actually know and understand the business they're in, rather than guessing and relying on big corporation's (bullshit) advice. Felt very welcome and is good to be working with people of a similar age and to have a bit of variety in my job again.

Had a quiet weekend for a change, apart from a typical all-niter talking codshit to people I've not seen in ages (managed to not go clubbing for the second week in a row :-o ). Colyton is quiet as ever, but at least it's not full of wannabe gangster cokeheads and nutty drunken fishermen like Brixham was. It feels amazing to see all my friends from Exeter again, I didn't realise how much I missed being round people who have taste in music, know how to have fun and who don't try to be people they aren't.

Ready for my second week now, and actually looking forward to work for once.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Blog Post :)

Since moving back to the middle of the countryside today I've decided to start a blog, as I can never get across anything meaningful with the limited amount you can type with other communication tools!

The move has gone well so far, I've managed to get all the essentials moved and everything else is going into storage. I have to say that I will miss some of the folks from Brixham, and certainly will not miss others.

Working on qualifications for 5 years and then getting a job as 'manager' which involved mostly IT technical support, I decided that I wasn't going to live somewhere so far from home with such little to offer in developing my skills.

So, gone is the harbour and multicoloured concrete hills and back to the beautiful and peaceful green of the countryside. Now my mind is on returning to my job in Exeter and enjoying a nice and relaxed winter.

I never seem to live somewhere for more than six months, but this time I'm staying in East Devon and hoping to eventually settle and definitely stay within travelling distance of friends, family and Exeter.